Two Aging Concept Analysis

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Two Aging Concepts
The picture of aging today is very different that contradicts the persistent negative and stereotyped notions of later life. Emerging in contemporary society is the reality that one's later years may be a time of enhanced well-being with numerous opportunities for continued growth and development, as opposed to a period of life marked by crisis, suffering, and decline.
Just as the myth connecting physical disease with old age is being debunked, so is the notion that connects old age with senility and other "age specific" psychological and personality problems. Older people are exploring creative and therapeutic opportunities that place a real value on their life experiences and are defining new and more satisfying social
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Chips was very conservative, had orthodox thinking and very little personal contentment in his life. The students of school intimidated him and he was not good in keeping discipline. He idealizes women as feeble, fearful and fragile. He was an old but active man with a manly voice. He loved his past values. He disliked the modern age. But after meeting up with Katherine Bridges at the age of 48, his life has totally changed. She was a young, modern, educated and radical woman of 25. She was liberal and frank thus contrasted with Mr. Chips. She made him to think independently, to share joy and most of all is to laugh… Kathy’s love, sincerity and sensibility made a new man of Mr. Chips. Both of them were head over heels in love… So there is no age for love and being loved by someone. She was a big, positive influence on him, which made a new man of him. His discipline improved and his sense of humor bloomed into a sudden richness to which years lent maturity. His outlook also broadened and he became gentle and…show more content…
But still he has Kathy’s memories and all positives she had taught to him. He had completed 42 years in Brookfield. “It has been life” he said. After retirement, sweet memories gave him a sense of loss as well. So he became sad. He had his secret smiles and secret cries. He went to watch games played in Brookfield. He exchanged greetings with school boys. Mr. Chips was a patient of asthma. His speech was punctuated with “humph” because he ran out of breath. Then he had an attack of bronchitis. Thus winter was always uncomfortable for him. Above all he liked summer because Brookfield boys visited him in summer especially. He loved to be in touch with them and invited them to tea. The summer thus filled the emptiness of his life. One night he was alone at home. Linford, a new student came to see him. After tea, he left saying, “Goodbye Mr. Chips”. Chips remembered that Kathy had also spoken these words when she was dying. He started weeping. Then he fainted. Everybody knew he was dying. When somebody told that Mr. Chips had no children, Mr. Chips opened his eyes with much difficulty and said, “But I have… thousands of ‘em… and all boys.” And then he died. So this shows his immense love for his students. After Kathy he devoted his life for Brookfield and his students. But in spite of everything, Mr. Chipping eventually solidifies his reputation as a
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