Two Benefits Of Studying Sociology Essay

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Describe TWO (2) benefits of studying sociology. (UK1)
i. As social workers, Sociology helps to study people, in an objective way. It helps us to understand our client’s interaction, group structure and group dynamics within their social groups and institution. With the understanding of Sociology, Social workers can implement reconstruction and interventions for the betterment of society through its services to individuals.

ii. The study of Sociology can also help Social Workers to be familiar with the various constructs of social problems. These can help Social Workers to gain awareness of the social diversity within the community they are helping.
6) Introduce ONE (1) classical sociological theory. It should include its description of society and
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Functionalist theory helps to study society scientifically at the macro level. It provides looking for the general laws, social structures and patterns of social behaviours that helps to explain human action and the consequences of their behaviour.

2 limitations and criticism of Functionalist Theory
i. Functionalist theory focuses too much on the positive functions that institutions perform, ignoring the negative aspects in which these institutions and socialisation can have on some individuals. For example, Feminists argue that the traditional nuclear family oppresses women, as they are expected to fulfil the housewife role and responsibilities, which ultimately makes women dependent on men for an income, and ends up benefitting men who benefit from women’s emotional and domestic labour.

ii. Functionalist theory is itself ideological and reinforces social order. For example, Functional Theory argues that societies need a standard nuclear family to provide effective socialisation within the family system and society. This can be argued that the idea to enforced a nuclear family is unnecessary, as shown by the fact that Alternative Family Forms can do just a good job as socialising children as nuclear
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