Two Bit Quotes In The Outsiders

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Do you know how it feels to be discriminated against just because of who you are? If you don’t, then read the book “The Outsiders”. The Outsiders is a novel by S.E. Hinton. It is a story of young men fighting for their rights, just because they are lower class. One of the young men is named Two-Bit Mathews. Two-Bit is a jolly, shoplifting, wisecracker. And here is why. The first word to describe Two-Bit is “jolly”. To be jolly is to be happy. And slightly ignorant about life. Two-Bit suits this word perfectly. The novel states “Life was a big joke to Two-Bit” (Hinton page 9). What this shows is that Two-Bit does not care. Now that he doesn’t care, he is jolly. Everything is a joke. Which also makes him slightly ignorant in some people’s eyes. There is still more words to describe Two-Bit, though.…show more content…
Mathews is “shoplifter”. Two-Bit shoplifts many items. More than a majority of the items he doesn’t need. He did shoplift a knife, which is trademarked by him. “He was famous for shoplifting” (Hinton page 9). This quote directly from the book is quite literally saying that he shoplifts items. He does shoplift random things, as proven in this quote : “he doesn’t need half the things he swipes from stores” (Hinton page 14). He shoplifts for the thrill of it, not to be a menace. The last word to describe Two-Bit is the most important one, wisecracker. Two-Bit is the cockiest person the the entire book. He constantly makes jokes and pranks other people. The word wisecracker truly combines all other words to describe him. Well, except for one. In the text it states “Two-Bit Mathews was the oldest of the gang, and the wisecracker of the bunch” (Hinton page 9). Two-Bit’s age may have to do with this attitude. When you are a wisecracker, you are ignorant and jolly at once. Which is kind of bad, but not really in Two-Bit’s
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