Two Brothers Language Analysis

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In the text Two Brothers by Hannie Rayson and the stimulus, The Normalisation of Lying in Australian Politics by John Warhurst the aspect of truth is explored. Aspects of each text both enrich and challenge my ideas, values and attitude in relation to truth and politics. The idea of what it takes to be a politician, to be deceitful, is explored as well as challenging my view of what a lie is and how it can affect others.
In Two Brothers the idea of withholding information to the public is evident when Eggs and Jamie hold back on releasing the information they have on Hazem. Warhurst confirms this when he said, “Either way the public is denied the truth on grounds that are often spurious.” Personally, withholding information is just as bad as
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If you were to lie to those close it can break relationships and seen as a total break of trust. If you are honest to those you are close to and are blunt with them about serious issues it will build a stronger connection. Similarly, when speaking to new, unknown people being honest and genuine is the best way to build a strong connection. So why do politicians get to lie? I appreciate the fact that when running for a party you have to engage with the entire community and be all things to all people, but once they figure out that you don’t really agree with them there will be backlash. Why lie about important issues such as asylum seekers. If the lie is harmless and is meant with good intentions – a white lie – then it is okay, I can live with that, but if the lie promises something serious or includes something of high importance then the lie is inexcusable and of poor taste. Contrary to what Warhurst believes, that a lie does not equal a loss of trust, I believe it does. In Two Brothers, a truth portrayed by Rayson is that Tom is the purity in the text, uncorrupted and looking out for those who can’t defend themselves. Later it is revealed that Tom had an affair and was lying to his wife the same as Eggs, who is the opposite of Tom, immoral and has belief in nothing. Experiencing this threw perspective on the whole fiasco of whose truth is the right truth. The truth the audience viewed Tom under was fabricated and inaccurate, a real shock to me
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