Two Characteristics Of Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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A second characteristic that represents Odysseus to be an epic hero is being courageous. Meanwhile, as Odysseus traveled on his quest he landed on the island The Land of the Dead. He was advised by Circe, a powerful witch - who Odysseus met previously in his voyage - in order to go home was to speak with dead blind prophet. When Odysseus was on the island, he presumed to be slightly timid around spirits. As stated in Book 10 of The Odyssey, “From every side they name and sought the pit with rustling cries; and I grew sick with fear.” [pg.388, 15-16]. “But I presently gave command to my officers.” [pg.388, 17] Although, despite being fearful of the spirits, Odysseus decides to grow the courage to continue the search of finding Tiresias, the
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