Two Characters In Gareth Evans's 'Road To Hell'

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Case "Road to Hell" by Gareth Evans is a story involving two characters with background, personality and views. John Baker, an English expatriate, the chief engineer managed to west in the Caribbean Bauxite Company Barracania. Baker thought he had the advantage of working in a foreign country because he has experience in understanding the psychology of the regional staff and know exactly how to get together with the locals and he 10 years older than Rennalls. Rennalls Metthew is a young engineer who represent a new generation of patriotic, highly educated This Barracania professional. Four years as a student at the University of London made him very sensitive to the political, racial and equality issues involving the relationship between culture and his influence west. Bakers have worked hard to provide Rennalls Matthew that he is the one who important in this company. The last meeting between the two characters end up in disaster and caused a lot of negative effects. Rather than accept the post of chief engineer, Rennalls turned in his resignation up because he felt insulted by Baker farewell interview and advice. This issues not only…show more content…
In conclusion, one aspect of the reading, The Road to Hell, we can analyse is the importance of understanding the people around you. John Baker’s intentions towards Matt Rennalls were not based on a bad premonition. His lack of understanding the behavioural characteristics of his worker was his major downfall. One business ethic we must hold sacred is the ethic of not offending our workers. John Baker forgot this ethic and that is why he was not successful in admonishing his workers. We also get an information about nonverbal communication, we can use it while having an interview or discussion. Using this information we easy to know whether the person like the ides or not. As individuals in the workforce, we can learn a lot from this story. This case give a lot about human behaviour depicted by the two characters in

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