Two Characters In The Case 'Road To Hell'

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The case “Road to Hell” by Gareth Evans is a case of two characters with different of backgrounds, personalities and perspectives and how these two characters collaborate. John Baker is a successful western chief engineer of the Barracania’s branch of a multinational company. For the situation it is said that John Baker is English expatriate and possibly born in Canada. Baker has a prefer to working in overseas in what were called the developing countries because he has involvement in comprehension a regional staff’s psychology and know how to coexist with local people in honestly. Furthermore, Baker has been working verify Matt Rennalls to be his successor in the chief engineer’s position. Rennalls, then again, is a youthful architect who represents the new generation of patriotic, well-educated Barracania’s professionals.
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In this conversation, Rennalls nodded in agreement when Baker justified the need for the meeting. Even when Rennalls offered no comment, Baker took this as a sign to continue. Rennalls offered a "smile of thanks." When Baker mentioned that Rennalls was friendlier with his fellow Barracanians, and then mentioned the in-house complaint, Rennalls tensed in his chair, then hesitated, a sign of uncertainty, before answering. Even when Rennalls "merely smiled back" towards the close of their interview, Baker perceived it as a sign of stubborn resistance. The following morning, the secretary strolled into Baker's office with a "stressed glare all over." The way that "Her words came quick" implied the heaviness of the matter she was going to portray. Rennalls was pacing the room as he was managing the letter, demonstrating his unsettling. Rennalls additionally basically marked the clear page where he thought the letter would end, demonstrating that he essentially needed to separation himself from the organization with no
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