Two Chinese-American Children's Book Summary

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I have been researching the recent events regarding librarian Liz Soerio and her returning of Mrs. Trump’s gifts. I grew up in Westfield, Massachusetts - the town neighboring Dr. Seuss’ birthplace of Springfield. My childhood was filled with many of his stories, visits to his museum, and discussions and celebrations of his writings. The mural in question - representing a “cliche of Chinese culture” is one that I cannot wholly claim as racist, for I am not of Chinese descent, nonetheless it could be justified with a description of Theodor Geisel’s growth.
Two Chinese-Americans, Lisa and Andy Yee gave contrasting opinions on this situation. Lisa Yee and two Asian-American authors stated “imagery this offensive damages not only Asian American children, but also non-Asian kids who absorb this caricature and could associate it with all Asians or their Asian neighbors and classmates”. Andy Yee, co owner of The Student Prince told a press conference “This is how Asian people came into this country. We didn’t come here wearing Louis Vuitton ad Gucci”. I do recall
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Seuss’ story first children’s book, What I think I saw on Mulberry Street expresses a child’s daydreams while walking home, the sights that would have been more interesting than what he actually saw. As you know, the book included a stereotyped Chinese boy. My fellow classmate and activist Marisa Clark said “The main focus of the boy is the chopsticks, to a child eating with sticks is fascinating,” unlike Geisel’s political cartoons, the intent behind the Chinese boy was to intrigue his audience rather than deter them. Over the years, his views certainly evolved to more liberal ones. Later in his career, he republished What I think I saw on Mulberry Street, changing the yellow skin tone of the Chinese boy to white. He went on to write stories with more liberal and intersectional concepts, like The Lorax advocating environmental protection and Horton Hears a Who representing the shutting out of
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