Two Days In October Essay

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The Vietnam War seems to have more movies and books about it than any other conflict in human history. Whether documentary films or historical fiction, the vast array of movies about Vietnam contain detailed footage and accounts from the war both at home and abroad. The two movies we watched in class, “Platoon” and “Two Days in October” are examples of historical fiction and documentary films, respectively. “Platoon” follows a soldier during his time in Vietnam as he deals with life as a grunt and interacts with fellow soldiers, officers, and the enemy during his tour of duty. “Two Days in October” is set up with interviews and archival footage to show two separate events occurring on other sides of the world, but only a day apart. One of the…show more content…
He finds that he needs to learn on the job, and that he will not be accepting into the company until he proves his worth. After finding his footing and becoming more comfortable, the protagonist begins to learn more about the dark underbelly of war. He sees the indiscriminate killing of women and children at Vietnamese villages and sees officers quarreling over whether to stop it. He also sees a divide among the men as they must choose which officer to support and trust. Eventually, the corruption and confusion come to a headway as officers kill each other and men begin to lose trust in each other. They question their reason for fighting in the first place and lose all desire to be in combat while the men running the war fly far above in their isolated aircraft. Similarly, the film “Two Days in October” shows different groups of people losing trust in their superiors and questioning the reasons for the war. One of the groups depicted in the film are the student protests at the University of Wisconsin. These protesters wanted their voice heard and wanted to express their opinion. They believed that their right to protest would be protected by the administration at the University. Instead they found themselves attacked by police who were ordered to show up by the administration. This destroyed any trust the students
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