Two Days One Night Analysis

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‘Two Days, One Night’ is a deep investigation of human values that slowly transcends into a genre of its own. The Dardenne brothers - known for depicting hard-hitting social values with a realist aesthetic - have written and directed another richly textured film with thick emotional layers to unveil the superficiality of community relationships. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, through their writing, slow cook the proceedings of this social drama with a stark alacrity that simmers the audience in anticipation. The Plot ‘Two Days, One Night’ is based on Belgian working-class community - chronicled with an acutely humanist understanding to highlight the predatory nature of capitalism. It exquisitely contours an imaginative drama, with a top-notch…show more content…
They look at me, ready to hit me. I feel like I'm hitting them too. Through up and downs of life, one can see Rongione (Sandra’s husband) standing by Sandra’s side like a strong pillar – portraying the role of a realistically patient husband. ‘Two Days, One Night’ is a miracle - a virtuously compassionate drama. It is because of the honest delineation of the Dardennes and the emotionally sketched character of Marion Cotillard that ‘Two Days, One Nights’ ends up with such inescapable hard-hitting finale that counts as one of the most triumphant victory for the filmmakers. Yes, "Two Days, One Night" is a tale of audacity and resilience. But it also proposes that sometimes the best conquest one can hope for is the ability to keep struggling - a day longer, a month longer, a year longer or for a lifetime. Although ‘Two Days, One Night’ is undoubtedly on Sandra’s side, the filmmakers ensure that everyone has his or her say as to why they decide to vote the way they do. As clock ticks by, the Dardennes keep the pressure as taut as a whodunit; audiences may be staggered to discern just how much they care about Sandra’s ultimate destiny, despite her own imperfections and stoical
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