Two Days One Night Reflection

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Two Days, One Night is a Belgian film by the Dardenne Brothers. It stars Marion Cotillard as Sandra, a factory worker who is about to lose her job. She has to convince about a dozen of her co-workers over the course of two days and one night in order to keep her job. At the beginning when Sandra learns that she 's going to lose her job she is devastated but reluctant to fight back. Throughout the movie we learn the reasons of her reluctance and unemployment. And through Sandra 's own story we 're shown a bigger one. The Dardenne Brothers had the idea for the film from a real-life case in a French factory where the workers got a bonus while a female worker whose work wasn’t sufficient enough for the factory was fired. Apparently there were other incidents which were similar to this one in some other countries. The Dardennes have their own unique sense of story-telling. They don’t tell right away what the story is about and what’s going on. Instead, they withhold information and let the story unfold in a natural course. At the beginning we don’t understand what the matter is with Sandra and her current employment. A bit further into the movie we learn that in her absence her boss asked the employees to vote in favor of either 1000 euros bonus or Sandra to keep her job. Sandra goes to her boss with a friend of hers from work and asks her job back. They convince the boss to put it into vote again on Monday morning. Sandra’s only option now is to convince her co-workers to
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