Two Eras Of Women In The 1970's

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Two Eras of Different Women
Women have struggled throughout the era of the 1970’s to gain equal rights to men. Marilyn being a woman in the era has brought her to make limited choices than she would in today’s date. However, women were just gaining the right to do what men can do but still were limited. But for most men and women, men were still superior. Women nowadays are equal to men or sometimes a tad better. Today women can be become a doctor or a plumper with no hesitant thoughts. They don’t have to worry about being judged that a women isn’t smart enough or good enough for a man’s job. Admittedly, in the 1970’s women overall carry a different stand than women today.
During the 1970’s even though women anticipated a lot more freedom
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But also not very distinct from women now. Marilyn left her family to improve her education which women have done. But the chances of women doing that now is not probable. Due to the fact that colleges are now having daycare and helping out women with children giving them more support. Being a mother has not changed in 40 years. Many mothers still pressure their kids to study on a certain subjects of the parents’ choice then to worry about what their kids genuinely want to learn. Yes, there is a lot less mothers making this choice but there still are some out there. Marilyn’s choice on trying to become a doctor is less likely to be successful in her era. Now to become a doctor still requires a lot of work but there are much more women in the field than there was before. By the 2000’s many women are enrolled in a higher education than most men. While many of the women follow their career most men are stuck with the job they could only get. Furthermore, Marilyn’s has always been seen as a homemaker by her kids and Marilyn knew that. The oldest child Nath especially consider his mother as a homemaker. When his mother comes back from her long gone disappearance he thinks to himself “His mother is home, and tomorrow there would be hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, hamburgers and hot dogs for supper, strawberry shortcake for dessert.” (Ng 148). While there are still some old school fashion
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