Two Examples Of Persuasive Essay On Antigone

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Another inappropriate objection to laws is tradition. Humans as a whole love the status quo. They don’t like variation or unexpected curveballs thrown into an otherwise routine agenda. They like things to stay similar from age 10 to age 100. So, when some alternate occurrence strikes, people are almost always opposed to it. Even the Declaration of Independence, a document written in revelry of America’s self-proclaimed sovereignty, laments about the severed ties between Britain and the new United States. It mentions their consanguinity, and how they had been together for so long.
Antigone also uses this argument against Creon in “Antigone”. She talks of the fact that Greeks always bury their dead, that it is not only morally right, but correct according to tradition, too. It has always been done, no matter what the deceased had done in life, and Antigone will counter Creon and his law to see that the routine continues.
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According to David Newton in “Same-Sex Marriage: Overview”, up until 1990, the controversy on same-sex marriage hardly existed, as people automatically shunned the idea. Marriage was between a man and a woman- that was all people knew, and all they wanted to know. However, in 1990, for the first time, 3 same-sex couples sued the state of Hawaii, hoping to gain the right of marriage. Instead, they received an amendment to Hawaii’s constitution banning same-sex marriage- the state’s quick, easy answer to the couples. And the struggle began from there, encompassing 25 years, innumerable lawsuits, and multiple hindering bans. The fact of the matter was that no one was willing to accept change. Marriage had been between a man and a woman for so long that people were not willing to see any other option. The topic of same-sex marriage had always been implicitly unspeakable: why recognize it

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