Two Examples Of Transcendentalism

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Transcendentalism has been around since the mid-1800’s. It is a philosophical belief which introduced a new way understanding truth and knowledge. According to the transcendentalists, if knowledge could be found, it would derive from our intuition and contemplation of the internal soul and spirit, rather than relying on data from scientific evidence. Henry David Thoreau demonstrated his goal of self search and getting back in tune with nature by living in a self-built cabin for 2 years at Walden Pond. He arrived the knowledge of himself through reconnecting with nature. Our senior project is a near replication of Thoreau’s process to reach self knowledge. Instead of building a cabin in the woods, we decided documented our adventure through film to evidence our experience of reconnection to nature to serve as a medium for meditation to reach self enlightenment. We decided on this project because…show more content…
In order to shoot amazing clips from above ground, we need a drone/quadcopter with video camera capabilities. This idea came from our research phases. We witness professional cinematographers using drones to capture the breath-taking beauty of nature from above. In order to figure out what kind of shot we needed from an aerial drone, I (Toan) watched many examples of aerial shots from sources such as “Planet Earth”, clips from National Geographic, even clips from music videos. We very much wanted to include aerial clips in our project. Luckily, I (Calvin) made a few hundreds of dollars through online games gambling, which in turn was enough for us to purchase a decent drone. However, greed boiled within me (Calvin) and overcame my willpower. The next thing I know, I lost all my winnings on the next bet, and lost all of the money which was meant for a drone. Typically, a decent drone would cost around 300 dollars, Calvin’s winnings was worth around 500 dollars. The remaining amount could have helped us to purchase gas and
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