Two Fishermen Short Story

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At first glance Grace and Smitty appear to be completely different characters. One is a tall, elegant woman while the other is a short, elderly hangman. In the story Two Fishermen, Smitty is an out of town hangman. He is interviewed by Michael Foster and ends up being friends because of a fishing trip. The townspeople hate Smitty because he is hanging someone who doesn’t deserve it, even though it isn’t Smitty’s fault he is just doing his job. Despite their friendship Michael doesn’t defend him against the angry town after the hanging the next morning. The Snob is a story about Young John Harcourt and when he see’s his father at a book shop with Grace, the girl he loves. John is scared that his dad will embarrass him because he isn’t the same social class as Grace. John tries to avoid his father and gets in an…show more content…
Grace’s relationship with John changes to they aren’t going to talk again, luckily John apologizes and they continue to know each other. Smitty never had the chance to be friends with Michael ever again. The two may never see each other again. Michael betrayed Smitty, he didn’t throw the fish but Smitty didn’t know that. Michael was felt incredibly shameful when he saw the “expression on Smitty’s face when he saw the fish on the road (Callaghan, Page 8).” Michael’s biggest fault was not helping Smitty out when he was given the chance. He had the opportunity to help his friend but instead thought “He just doesn’t mean anything at all to me” (Callaghan, page 7) in fear of angering the rest, but him not doing anything allowed the man to grab the fish and throw it. Unlike in the Two Fisherman, John had the chance to fix his relationship and make it stronger, but John may have wounded his relationship with his father. After their argument he spoke openly with Grace. We know this because “his sincerity, the depth of his feeling, began to stir her (Callaghan, page 3).” This is what leads her to forgive
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