Essay About Future Job

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Although some find it easy to pick a job for the future, many people struggle to decide a job that interests them. Some even find jobs, but they are fond of so many of them that they cannot possibly pick just one. Similarly, I have had a hard time figuring out what exactly I want to do in the future. As of right now, in the future the only aspect I knew I wanted to do contribute to the world was helping people. This essay differs between two potential jobs for myself in the future. Through my research, I have distinguished between two jobs that fit me well and help people: a money manager and a civil engineer. One of the first things people should consider when selecting a job is what people actually do in that job. A civil engineer uses…show more content…
A person’s earning can be very important if they want to be able to support a family. Both professions are very suitable to support a family, even though money managers are able to make quite a bit more than civil engineers later in their life. Other than money manager possibly being able to make more money in the future, civil engineers averagely earn more. On average, civil engineers make about $40.59 per hour, which adds up to about $84,440 per year (Welcome to Career Cruising 2.0). In contrast, money managers earn about $34.9 per hour, which adds up to about $72,580 per year. Although, unlike civil engineers, later in life money managers could make up to $1 million (Welcome to Career Cruising 2.0). Making $1 million for me, is very unlikely to happen because one would need to be one of the top money managers in order to do this. I do not think I will be one of the best to where I could ever make this much money. Overall, based on their average earnings and taking into consideration my possible inability to earn $1 million as a money manager, I would rather become a civil engineer in order to support my future
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