Essay On Apple Corporate Social Responsibility

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In order to properly answer this question, it seems essential to define firstly what Corporate Social Responsibility is. Nowadays, consumers expect companies to operate responsibly. Companies are not only seen as manufacturer or services providers, but they are considered to a higher standard, and must seek for customers’ acceptance. To do so, companies need to focus on social and environmental issues which are two key elements of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In this case about Apple and its suppliers, we won’t study the environmental efforts that such a company could provide. However, we will study ethical labor practices which are the core values of the case study.

Ethical labor practices are one key focus about how companies treat
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Over the recent years, Apple has struggled with a critical issue that could have led the company to international affairs, having a huge impact on the brand image: the working conditions in its supply chain.

As written above, many factory workers of Apple’s main supplier, Foxconn, committed suicide over the years. A few stories and documentaries got released to report such behavior in how Apple treated its employees, far from the fairly and ethically values stated in the CSR method.

However, being a perfect Social Responsible company is utopian, even more in the electronics industry, where the Supplier Code of Conduct is considered as the toughest one, unlike other industries. It means that it is not easy, even for a huge organization like Apple, to enforce and improve its CSR impact. Nevertheless, some methods are within the company’s reach, and should be
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