Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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In the story that being raised in a different culture can cause conflicts.In the story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan Is telling about how immigrated parents from other countries can have different perspectives than their kids. Tan is also showing how not having a good communication with your kid can make them disobedient. "Only two kinds of daughters," she shouted in Chinese. "Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind!” In that quote it is also showing you why she was pushing JIng-Mei so much. Jing-Mei’s mother (mama) wants the best for Jing-Mei she doesn't want the help. Mama is trying to make JIng-Mei an ideal or prodeji. Jing-Mei goes along with it but isn't happy with that idea of being changed and wasn't going to allow her mother to change her.…show more content…
The problem between mama and Jing-Mei is, mama is pushing her to do stuff and Jing-Mei is not liking it. In the beginning, JIng-Mei has happy to do what mama wants but every time they did that Jing-Mei would disappoint mama. “But my mother’s expression was what devastated me: a quiet, blank look that said she had lost everything .” By Jing-Mei saying that she feel sad that she keeps disappointing mama. “Maybe she's not the best, but she's trying hard." Mama is saying this because she knows that Jin-Mei isn't trying. Also life for her in china must've been hard. The conflict is reaching it’s climax when mama slapped Jing-Mei. “My mother slapped me. "Who ask you to be genius?" she shouted.” Jing-Mei probably feels hurt at this point. If mama and Jing-Mei had better communication it probably wouldn’t of escalated to that point. "Then I wish I'd never been born!" I shouted. “I wish I were dead! Like them." While Jing-Mei says that it puts a hole in mama’s heart because knowing that had happened to her it affected
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