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Character Analysis In Amy Tan’s Two Kinds, a mother and daughter fight over the future of the daughter; Jing-mei, who wants desperately to become a "Chinese Shirley Temple" by making a career in singing and dancing. Her mother is consumed in the belief that Jing-mei is a genius, thus making her do pointless tests that she sees other prodigy children doing in magazines such as standing on her head and reciting world capitals. Jing-mei gets fed up with the test and would play a game with herself, seeing if her mom would give up on her before eight bellows. Jing-mei mother lived in china and always that you could be anything in america. you could open a restaurant, you could work for the government and get good retirement, you could buy a house with almost no…show more content…
She hated the test because it raised hopes and failed expectations, she would look in the mirror before bed and saw an ordinary face looking back at her and she would cry. Jing-mei wanted to make her mom proud but she wanted it to because of her own talent not some “tests” out of magazine articels. After her mother saw on the Ed Sullivan a young girl playing the piano, she bought Jing-mei piano lessons from a def ex-pianist in exchange she cleaned his apartment. Jing-mei realizes that she could mess up during her lessons because the man was old and his eyes couldn't keep up wit her fingers and he is deaf and couldn't hear when she messes up. She continued to do that until her mother signed her up for a talent show. Jing-mei was confident when she went up on stage until she started to play and her finger kept playing the wrong notes because that's the way she practiced and learned to play. After the talent show her mother didn't say a word to her and when they got home her mom went start to her room. The next day Jing-mei was watching tv and her mother came into the room at 4 o’clock telling her it was time for her piano practice. This ended in a big fight and Jing-mei ended up bring up the

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