Two Lane Blacktop Analysis

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TWO-LANE BLACKTOP Two-Lane Blacktop is a 1971 road movie with no beginning, no ending and no speed limit, is directed by Monte Hellman. Actors and actress are singer-songwriter James Taylor (the Driver), the Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson (the Mechanic), Warren Oates (GTO), and Laurie Bird (the Girl). “Blacktop” means an asphalt road. It is existential road movie, because, as the race grows increasingly, the road itself takes on a real identity as if it were a place to live and not just a place to pass by. This is a freedom according to Monte Hellman, the road goes forever but that doesn’t mean there is anywhere to go but it will forever stand… Two-Lane blacktop might not have a destination but has a direction. It has been associated with similar road movies such as Vanishing Point, Easy Rider… The film goes on the southwestern highways of the USA. The movie is about car racing…show more content…
He takes his nickname from his elaborated and engine-powered 1970 Pontiac GTO car. It is decided to have a race to Washington, D.C., whoever makes it from the southwest to Washington DC first will win the pink slips to both cars. It means that the winner takes the others car. Along the way, they pass through small towns ,empty landscapes and stop at non-descript diners and gas stations in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee but none of them will be able to go to Washington. While in Chevrolet, the girl, the driver and the mechanic travels together, In Pontiac GTO picks up various hitchhikers along the way. Their small stories also add colour to the film because there are different hitchhikers in GTO’s car. For example, the hitchhiker in Oklahoma is in homosexual approach to GTO and is fired from the car and the old lady who wants to visit to the cemetery blames city cars for her grandchild’s parent’s

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