Two Main Causes Of Climate Change

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There are two main causes of climate change: natural causes and human causes. Natural causes that influence climate change include volcanic eruptions, ocean current, earth orbital changes, and solar variations. Those natural causes contribute small part of climate change; however, the biggest part in climate change is caused by human. The spectacular increase of human population, contribute significantly to the climate change. There are more than 7 billion people live in the world now, compared to about 3 billion people in late 1960s. With so many people in the world, it is really a challenge to fulfill just the whole world population’s basic needs. The basic needs of human are food, clothing, and shelter. It can also be added by sanitation, healthcare, and education. There are two resources for people’s food: plants and animals.…show more content…
Coal, oil, and natural gas are burnt for the use of farm machinery, electricity, vehicles to transport the crops and the food, etc. The burning of fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide (CO2) that contributes to the climate change. Climate Change and World Agriculture primarily focuses on the impact of the greenhouses gases-the most important of which is carbon dioxide (CO2). According to Parry, “Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have increased from about 280 parts per million by volume . . . in about 1850 to 353 [parts per million by volume] in 1989, largely as a result of the burning fossil fuels but also due to clearance of forests for agriculture (“Taylor & Francis Online,” n.d.). The second basic need for human is clothing. There are many different types of clothing materials, such as cotton, wool, silk, fur. The massive increase in clothing industry due to the rapid growth of human population makes a huge impact to the environment. The production of clothing materials as well as the great amount of water needed in this industry contributes to the climate
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