Two Main Causes Of The Dust Bowl

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DUST BOWL Imagine having a dry tidal wave of dust and soil about 7,000 feet high approaching you.Having dust blasting everywhere not allowing you to notice anything. The Dust Bowl was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the land/environment in the western united states in the 1930s. Two main causes of the Dust Bowl were poor farming skills and severe drought.In order to end the Dust bowl era the government had to take action. To begin with, the main causes of the dust bowl was due to poor farming practices and a severe drought. The drought would last about eight straight years. It was a severe and dangerous dust storm, for instance,in the article Legacy it states “static charges in the air shorted out automobiles on the road:men avoided fear of shocks that could knock a person to the ground.Huge drifts of dirt buried pastures…show more content…
The government encouraged farmers to try advance techniques. One of the techniques the farmers used was counter plowing. As stated in the text Legacy “like contour plowing to minimize erosion”This conserved some moisture for the plants/crops. Another thing the farmers did was irrigate their land. To irrigate land meant to supply it with water for crops or grass to grow. These were very helpful techniques and helped the land. The government purchased over 4 million acres of land during the Dust Bowl and has successfully converted it back to green lands. Restoring the land was a miracle and it's all thanks to the government and the farmers new techniques. As a result, poor farming experiences and severe drought was a major source of the Dust Bowl.The government taking action resulted to the end of the Dust Bowl.To sum it all up, you should make sure your land is healthy,watered daily,and encourage other to do the same for healthy land and to avoid something similar to the Dust Bowl

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