Two Main Characters In Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake

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The title of the novel, which is, Oryx and Crake is given by the author to emphasize the importance of the two main characters who are Oryx and Crake. Both of these characters are given so much importance because whenever the protagonist of the novel Snowman/Jimmy thinks about the past events, the majority of the stories and incidents are centered upon these two characters. The reason could be that both the characters are very close to Snowman’s heart and they both play a very important role in his life. The character Oryx is shown as the love of his life and the character Crake is the best friend of Jimmy and they both were close since their childhood. Both the characters Oryx and Crake reach a milestone in genetic engineering as Crake engineers…show more content…
Margaret Atwood sets her novel in the world of dystopia where the world is portrayed pessimistically and in the future. The dystopian world is totally different from the present world. The dystopian world is a futuristic and ultra modern envisaged cosmos where the society is controlled by the domineering and tyrannical corporate, bureaucratic, technological or totalitarian group. The dystopias are sarcastically a form of criticism of showy worst case scenario of current trends, societal norms or political system. The dystopia is exactly opposite of a Utopian society which is perfect in every way. But the dystopian society refers to the society that is unbelievably flawed, defective, damaged and unsatisfactory. The dystopian society lacks the harmonious and egalitarian qualities of life that are depicted in utopias. Dystopia is Utopia’s mirror image. While employing many of the same concepts as utopia, for example, social steadiness created by authoritarian regimentation, the dystopia comprehends these ideas pessimistically. Dystopia angrily challenges utopia 's fundamental assumption of human perfectibility, arguing that humanity 's inherent flaws contradict the possibility of constructing perfect societies, except for those that are perfectly hell-like. Dystopias are exclusively fictional, that presents forbidding, tyrannical societies with the moralistic goal of preventing the horrors they point…show more content…
The term was coined by John Stuart Mill who is English philosopher and economist in 1868. But if dystopia is taken as a genre of fiction, it only took off in the 20th century. The dystopian writings became rampant in the years after World War II. Dystopian literature is a division of the larger category of anti-utopian literature which satirizes utopian thinking in general. Dystopian fictions always propose some kind of warning which is often implied of what will happen if the present trends are continued. As the dystopian fiction gained its prominence in the 20th century, some factors are the reason for the popularity of these dystopian fictions. The brutality, aggression, violent behaviour and totalitarian government lead by Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union. As these two totalitarian governments shook the whole world, they also made their influence in writings and genres. Another aspect which raised the growth of dystopian fiction is the side effects of the industrialization and providing the consciousness of environmental damage. The dystopian fiction is also due to the brisk advancement in the technology which is also the impact of industrial revolution, media, computers and information technology. The major change in the world occurred after World War II broke in 1939 because the war used nuclear weapons which lead to the absolute extermination of humans as well

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