Cultural Resistance To Change

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The management at Silueta, always wants to implement change as they have the belief that the change under consideration will bring significant impact to the organization as a whole. The main objective for introducing change and its implementation is that the change will improve and maintain the production environment of the organization on a daily basis.
While change is necessary for the good of the organization and its staff, it will be subjected to some sort of resistance. Change is generally, traumatic, completely unknown and biding goodbye to the former process can be somewhat difficult to embrace the employees. Resistance to change is never a barrier to change management. It is usually the barriers that make it difficult to implement
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Also, some of the human resources will be shifted for quality, cutting and project management functions to other locations or other plants when garment finishing is outsourced, thus resulting in a shortage of cadre for the running of the business.
Cultural Resistance to Change.
The Processes at Silueta has been there since the inception of the factory in 2004, and the employees have built their life style around these and are now used to them. Trying to change these even if it is an advantage to Silueta, will create major resistance due to the fact that all employees have been used to the existing ways. The fear of the unknown, loss of status, breaking routine and the lack of input into change will be the major reasons for the above.
Recommendations to overcome the barriers to change.
Silueta can make use of the strategies mentioned below in order to overcome these barriers to change.
• Creating a way to communicate to all employees about the new initiative through either an email or a meeting at the Silueta premises and to instruct key management to provide regular updates of the change
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