Comparing Buckingham And Hastings's 'Huge In The Play Richard III'

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Ahmed Ammar Albannai 2-10-2016 Honors English period D Ms. Sandy Richard III In the play of Richard III there were two major roles that affected the morale of the story. The two characters were Buckingham and Hastings. Buckingham is loyal to Richard , he is his right hand and he is willing to do anything that Richard asks him to do. Hastings is the one who’s loyal to the royal family and he is loyal to King Edward and the prince. The difference between them is that one of them is loyal in a good way and the other one is loyal in a cruddy way. Hastings is loyal in a pleasing way to the royal family , he was never thinking about betraying them specially at that time where it was really difficult to stay loyal and integrate to anyone. Buckingham was extremely loyal to Richard , and this may be a similarity between them that they were really loyal to someone , but the difference is that Buckingham was loyal in a bad way to Richard where he was ready to lie and cheat on people so he can get Richard on the crown. ( All over the story you can see a lot of situations where Hastings remained loyal to all the people in the royal family. He was even loyal to Richard because he is considered one of the royal family , without him knowing what was Richard planning for. Hastings was also loyal to queen Elizabeth and he didn’t allow anyone to…show more content…
He was just loyal for them because he loved them without any interests , but Buckingham was totally different than Hastings , he was loyal to Richard because he wanted a position and power from him. He believed that Richard will give him the earldom of Hereford and he did anything for him to get it. Buckingham ignored everybody in his life and trusted just Richard because he believed that he will get him to his goal even though he got warnings that Richard is a bad person specially from Queen

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