Two Major Strengths Of Responsibility: The Importance Of Leadership

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Responsibility has always been a key value I hold close to me. I believe in the importance of taking ownership of tasks I have been assigned with and to be committed to them. In all work (e.g. project work or CCAs) delegated to me, I will perform my duties to the best of my ability. Whether it is individual or team work, I constantly seek to improve and add value to my/our work.
Everyone is unique in their own way and this includes their way of thinking. In situations of differing opinions, I will remain open-minded and respectful of others’ views. By doing so, I am able to better understand people.
1.2. My Past Leadership Moment (context, action, result)*
In my prior tertiary institution, I was a secretary of National Youth Achievement Award
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Two Major Strengths From That Leadership Moment
Being conscientious nurtured my meticulous character. From the beginning of upholding the position as the president for this event to the post-event phase, I made sure all possible situations were thought of. For instance, when we discussed on event programme, a team member suggested a water bomb game to be stationed in a sheltered area. To further enhance the idea, I played the Devil’s advocate and commented on the potential safety hazard it might impose– the floor tiles would become slippery from the water bombs, increasing the risk of accidents.
As an individual who is open to experience, I was receptive to the ideas of my team members. I would never discourage or speak negatively of my team’s opinions. I truly believe there is no such thing as a ridiculous idea. When discussions on the games were held, all members had opportunities to share their thoughts. One of the member suggested what initially seemed to be an impractical game but the team (myself included) voted to keep the game in the event. In the end, the quirky game was well received among the participants because it was extremely different from the norm. This proves to show that being flexible with changes and acknowledging the varying ideas of others develops a greater possibility of a unique
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About My Leadership Goal (talk about leadership behavior)
2.1. One Leadership Position Goal I Want to Achieve in the Coming 2 Years
In the next two years, I hope to become part of SMUBE (SMU-Broadcast & Entertainment) executive committee as the president of the CCA’s sub-wing – Artist Management Team (AMT) aka. hosting.
2.2. Why This Goal
Back in my prior tertiary institution, I was provided with an opportunity to develop public speaking/hosting skills. Unfortunately, when I became a senior of my CCA, I was in my final year of studies. The lack of time did not permit me to contribute back to my hosting CCA. As such, I intend to continue my hosting stint in SMU and in time impart the knowledge and skills I have gained over the years to my future juniors who are as passionate as I was when I started. In my opinion, as AMT’s president, I will be in a better position to shape the CCA into a platform where we advocate self-development and teamwork. By doing so, my wish of giving back to the community that moulded me into the person I am today, will be

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