The Role Of Migrant Workers In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the novella "Of Mice and Men, 2 migrant workers, George and Lennie are on their way to their new place to work in Salinas Valley. On the way to their work, because Lennie can't remember every moment of his life, he always asks George to tell him again about their future. When they arrive, they met the boss and new friends. Curley, boss’s son doesn't like Lennie at all. They also meet Curley's wife who is a tart. Then Slim gives Lennie one of his pup and Lennie likes it. One day, Carlson comes to Candy who has an old dog. He kills it because everyone doesn't like it. While everyone is outside, Lennie and George talk about their future and Candy wants to come with them and George accept it. And one day, Lennie meets Crooks and they talk together all the day and Crooks tells him about other people who doesn’t like him. The next day, Lennie pup gets killed by himself because he bounce it too hard. Curley’s wife also get killed by him because he is afraid when she wants to scream. In the end of the story, George kills him because Lennie kill Curley’s wife and runs away. George and Lennie meet long time ago and when Lennie's aunt dies, George and Lennie get well together and get use to each other after they work together. They have a dream together which is to have a house by themselves and pet many animals. I think Lennie's life…show more content…
And Curley's wife suddenly come to him when he try to hide the dog. They talk to each other and Curley's wife says about her hair which is smooth and she asks Lennie to stroke her hair. However, because Lennie likes her hair, he keeps doing it and Curley's wife is afraid. Because of that, Curley's wife wants to scream. Then Lennie killed her because he is really afraid that George will be angry and will not let him pet the rabbit. And when everyone know that Curley's wife had died, they all realise that Lennie killed her, they all search for
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