Personal Narrative: My Parents Sabrina And Darren Hardnick

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I would like to take a moment to talk about the two most important and influential people in my life my parents Sabrina and Darren Hardnick. As I sat them down to talk to them about their past and their future I actually learned a lot more about them. It’s true when they say “you learn something new everyday”. Let’s start off with my mother Sabrina Hardnick, well let’s start when she was Sabrina McIntosh. February 14,1975 at Kaiser Hospital (no longer open) in Cleveland, Ohio Sabrina Lattice McIntosh was born. The first child of Regina and Greg McIntosh (my grandparents). “My mother knew someone named Sabrina, she liked it so she gave me the name”, mom says. Growing up she had a great childhood, who wouldn’t enjoy the spotlight? My grandparents…show more content…
She is a successful mother of two, (Eric and Katrina). Having two children before the age 30 made her grow up faster. She had to put two others before herself so she had a big responsibility on both of her hands. Love found its way to my mom when she met a wonderful man named Darren, they got married in August 2003. “If I knew then what I know now I would have went to college and furthered my education” mom says. Even though she didn’t go to college, she inspires me to live the life she didn’t have the chance to live. My mother is the greatest impact in my life. Yes, you can say I’m a “momma’s girl”, I love my mother with all my heart. She is beautiful, loving, smart, and I would do anything to keep her happy and by my…show more content…
Darren Hardnick, born on October 16, 1970 at University Hospital, in Cleveland,Ohio. He was the last baby of Ivory and Edward Hardnick (my grandparents). “My Aunt Lula Mae named me. That’s how I got my name”, he says. My dad had a fulfilling childhood especially with having a house with __ older siblings. In elementary school my dad was exposed to different cultures of his other classmates so he was learning something new everyday. School life seemed to always be good for him. He was very popular in school, had good academics and he was very respectful to his teachers. He was still mischievous at times but knew his limit. At 16, with no time to waste he got his licence. He was recently working at his first job in a gift shop and decided to save up and get himself a car. So he did and ended up getting a car just for his freedom. At age 19, my dad joined the armed forces and lived in California. It was a new experience for him which made him learn a lot about responsibility. A year later when my dad turned 20 my oldest sister was born. My dad was still at service so it made it very hard not seeing his first born baby girl. My dad eventually finished his time in the service and came home as a greater man. Now, he was joyful knowing he could spend time with his daughter, Nadia, and his son, Darren Jr. (Dee). Later in his life, he met a wonderful woman named Sabrina they fell in love and got married. He is now a Sergeant for the Cleveland School

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