Two Nation Theory Of Pakistan Essay

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1. Two nation theory: The two nation theory demands for Pakistan by the Muslim in British India. There are two major nations in British India. The Muslim are not a community but a nation with distinct history. The two nation theory played an important role for demanding a separate homeland according to which Hindus and Muslims are the two nations and therefore they cannot live together. Quaid-e-azam once said, “Hindus and Muslims though living in the same towns and villages had never been blended into one nation. They were always two separate entities.” 2. Language: Muslims were disappointed when in April 1900 UP Governor sir Antony Mac Donnell gave Hindi the status of National language with Urdu. That’s why Muslims felt the need to set a…show more content…
Allama Iqbal: Allama Iqbal was the person who for the first time to gave concept of a separate state for the Muslim. Allama Iqbal was also known as the father of Pakistan ideology. He firmlyl belived separation of Muslims of subcontinent and said, “I am fully convinced the Muslims of India will ultimately have to establish a separate homeland as they cannot live with Hindus in united India.” Being educated from Europe, he knew all weak aspects of the western cultural. Allama Iqbal was a great poet and philosopher. Allama Iqbal allimunated te people with ideology. Deeply grounded in religion since childhood, Iqbal concentrating on study of Islam. II. Quaid-e-Azam: Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave practical shape to the ideology given by Allama Iqbal. After joining Muslim league in 1913 he continued with his efforts to bring about Hindu Muslim unity but he was great disappointed to see the prejudial attitude of the congress and Hindu towards Muslim. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a history making leader who change the course of history. Quaid-e-Azam want a desire to make a separate world for Muslims and he worked hard day and night without worried about his health. His early efforts to promote Hind-Muslim unity. III. Syed Ahmad
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