Two Operational Variables In An Operational Environment

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CW3 William K. Wilkins
WOILE 17-013 / G403C
July 30, 2017

Question 1: Select two operational variables from the PMESII-PT construct and explain why they are important within an operational environment? What is Operational Environment? Operational environment is the combination of the conditions, circumstances, and influences, which will determine the use of military forces and help the unit commanders to make their decisions. Operational Environment consists of variables from the Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical and Time (PMESII-PT). PMESSII-PT variables are all-important, but today I will talk about Social and Infrastructure. Social Variables are important because all environments are different. While assigned to 2ID, I embraced a social different. Koreans exhibit their respect for their elders every day. Korea train system displays the respect they have for their elderly and sick. The train system has a designated seating area assigned for the elderly and handicap. Koreans understand that you automatically stand and give your seat to an elderly person. Americans do not force such things on you, because they do not value the elderly in this fashion. Cultural standoff is the act of using social aspects of the environment to provide protection and freedom to maneuver. Knowing social variables allow us to learn the ways of the host country and ultimately aids

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