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One Sentence Artist Statement: Because I often feel trap, constrained and watch, I want to able to depict it through my art studies of eyes and how different eyes can be portrayed through a variety of materials and I want it to attack my viewers to let others know how I feel.

Two Paragraph Artist Statement: I am interested in the idea of being trap, the feelings of being constrained and being watched. In the beginning of my artwork, I was and still firmly interested in kois. Often, kois have the illusion that they are able to swim freely within a pond, lake or an aquarium. However, because they stay stagnant at one place, they are are trapped. Therefore, I try to depict that kois are trap within my drawings, paintings and collages. Often I feel like I can relate to these kois because I myself feel that I have the freedom to whatever I want.
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Throughout my life, I have been an only child, the first generation from my family to attend college, and a role leader for my younger cousins. Therefore, I have no choice but to make sure that I graduate and get a good job to give back to my family. Because of this, I always feel that I am being watched which I want my viewers to see. I want my viewers to feel assaulted in my small studies of eyes that will be created with different variety of mediums. These mediums will be only be used once to represent the eyes of people that I have met in my life, whether they are my family members, friends, lovers and even enemies. Overall, through my work, I explore the idea of how different materials can be use. I never settle for just one specific medium, but rather explore all that I can because I want to be able to incorporate the chaos of life. In sum, my work depicts my life in the idea that one is always trap, but does know of
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