Two Party System Essay

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6. The two party system in the U.S. can be divided historically into six major party systems. Briefly describe the nature of party competition, control of government, and the major issues of each period. What factors generated the change in party systems? Briefly discuss the various theories of realignment. In your opinion, which theory best describes party change in the U.S.? Political parties according to the slide show are defined as “non-governmental organizations that draw like-minded individuals together who recruit and run candidates for public office in order to influence the government” The two party system of the United States can historically be divided into six major eras. The first period was Federalist and Democratic Republican…show more content…
They were supported by urban workers, westerners, and southerners who did not own slaves. Whigs however supported nationalism, and the government funding of what was considered “internal improvements” by them. The party eventually collapse due to shifting ideologies from The Compromise of 1850, as well as members splitting apart to from the Republican Party. A major issue at this time was states rights vs. that of national government as well as the issue of slavery in the Whigs party. The third political era was that of the Democrats and the Republicans in which they were evenly matched. At first the Republican Party was not a major one, however as time went by the party grew, as they stressed the importance of having a moral conscience, which was seen in the debate over slavery. Due to them winning the confederate cause they became a major power until 1896. It was then in which Democrats who valued the idea of slavery and states rights were slowly losing, and the main battle was over slavery and the confederacy. Since the democrats lost in the Civil War it gave way to the fourth era in politics in which Republicans dominated the Democrats. This era was during the Industrial Revolution and all of its successes
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