Two Party System Pros And Cons

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Across the world, there are nations that agree with only two party system while the majority of nations agree with the inclusion of several parties in the political battlings in their respective countries. Other countries like China also only allow the existence of one party in their country with a no guarantee for any one to form another party. U.S is one of the nations that have used the two party system for a longer duration and currently it is like a tradition to the country (Bibby, John, and Louis, 337). Most citizens have been made to believe that one is either a Democrat of a Republican. In the greater Europe, countries like Germany, Brazil, Italy among others have always adopted the
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Just as the case of two-party system and the multi-party system. For the two party system that is being applied majorly in the United States, it has with it some pros and cons. For pros, a two party system in the Unites States of America has helped the voters to decide easily on which party to belong. It has been so since through a two-party system, clarity and giving solution into issues that are often encountered by most voters are checked. Through this United, State voters have been made to believe that they can find a candidate that might not grab their interest easily. Two party system provides Americans with a stable balance of accommodating varied interests and opinions. Because each party consists of organized groups and individuals voters, it becomes necessary to consider a broad range of interest and opinions when making political decisions. Two party system has also assisted American in discouraging sudden shift in political trends which threatens government stability. In the case of any disagreement by the public, they will remain patient has in a shorter duration they might try another candidate’s policies from the different political since a two party system tends to roll on a short term trend…show more content…
In an opinion of many, it is the application of a multi-party system that evidently depicts the true picture of democracy. Still even in a two-party system state like the US the level of freedom still is eminent has citizens are free to choose on which two party policies suits them better. The multi-party system will continue to be practised in the majority of European nations but with America it is something that is still far from being
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