Two Pedagogical Strategies Analysis

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During the following essay I’ll define two pedagogical strategies to decode words and help adolescent students become better readers. Two pedagogical strategies I find to be significant for decoding words would be phonemic awareness and phonics. Phonemic awareness prefers to the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds-phonemes--in spoken words. I feel phonemic awareness is important because it’s the first strategy required for reading. As a child before you learn how to read you must first sound words out for example cat, dog, and map. Another reason I believe phonemic awareness is significant to decoding words because it improves students reading and comprehension level which will lead to a fluent reader. Phonics is defined…show more content…
Previewing helps students read more quickly and effectively because it gives them and overview of the reading material as a whole to prep the student for the reading. Writing on the material is a productive outlet for the students it helps develop vocabulary and challenges the brain. The reason I choose brainstorming as a writing technique because it pushes the student to come up with clever ideals that will make for the best strategies for a reader to go from average to fluent. “A descriptive essay illustrate something in a way that your reader can see, feel, or hear whatever it is you 're talking about” (Roach, 2003). By creating a piece work that express the sight or how something feels or smells creates an image of how truly powerful words are. To conclude this essay i find the best way to decode words are to use phonemic awareness and phonics. They both provide a reader to develop the fundamentals of reading that can lead to becoming a fluent reader. I draw from my own personal experience as a child I wasn’t a great reader by the time I got to middle school it showed. During my seventh grade year I had a teacher along with my
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