Two Psychopaths Seventeen Bodies Analysis

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Two Psychopaths Seventeen Bodies: Erik VS Dick

Eric Harris and Dick Hickock where two very troubled people. Eric murdered

thirteen innocent people at Columbine High School, while dick murdered a family of

four. No matter the difference in the number of people they murdered they are both

comparable. Combined the two psychopaths murdered a total of seventeen innocent

Dick Hickock was born in Kansas City, Kansas his parents were farm workers.

Dick was a popular kid in school he got along with most of his classmates. He was

active, played some sports until he was in a car accident and received some brain

injuries. Dick was a normal person with a normal childhood but had a hidden

evilness in him, that no one seen coming.

A family
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Their hatred for school brought

them closer together. No one knew that their friendship would be deadly.

Columbine High School was filled with your average teenagers, but little did they

know they had two very troubled and dangerous teens steaming up a plan to murder over

half of the high school. On April 20, 1999 thirteen poor innocent teens went about their

day not knowing they would be meeting their fate that day along with Eric and Dylan

committing suicide. Two troubled teens ruined so many lives in just a couple of hours.

Dick and Eric are comparable in many ways, but the main comparison that stands

out the most to me is that the two men are psychopaths. Dick and Eric’s early life we

very similar they both were into sports, both grew up in a middle class family, both had a

normal upbringing. They are just simply two psychopaths that were on a murder mission.

Seventeen, that’s how many people’s lives were taken because of these two men. It’s

hard to understand how someone could take someone else life. Yet, if you were in a

psychopaths shoes you’d probably get a kick out of it, which sickens me. Dick and Eric ,

two psychopaths , two normal people , with an evil
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