Two Restaurant Opinion: Comparison

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Comparison-contrast Essay 1 (Two restaurants) I’ve always liked going out to eat. There are some differences and similarities between my two favorite restaurants. The first one is the Cheesecake Factory and the second one is Jan Burger. Both have delicious food, they are always surrounded by people, and the staff are so friendly and helpful. If you want to eat in any one of them, no need to make a reservation. Despite their similarities, they are totally different. Unlike Jan burger, cheesecake factory has various kinds of food. Cheesecake Factory has a place for family. On the other hand, Jan burger does not have variety of food nor a place for families. Also, the Cheesecake Factory is more expensive than Jan burger. In conclusion, both restaurants are my favorite and I enjoyed the atmosphere in both restaurants. 2 (Two cities) In my city, there are two famous Cities Unaiza and Buraydah. Both cities have some similarities and differences. they are common in place. Both are attractive and have parks where people like to go and walk. Though Buraydah’s parks are bigger than Unaiza parks. People in both cities are so friendly. Despite their similarities, these cities have many differences. Unlike Buraydah, Unaiza is a county. When you walk around Unaiza, you’ll find farms and open…show more content…
Most students don 't pay attention to the teacher. When a student gets a call during class, they would answer it and may leave the class to complete their call. Other problem, theft of cell phones. As result of banning cell phone in class, teachers will be able to teach class better. The most advantage is students will be talking and making friends. Banning cell phone in class is better, but it is useful for research and for calculate. Even though many schools and college are allowed to use cell phones in class, some schools and colleges have banned any electronic

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