Twelfth Night Humor Analysis

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Shakespeare’s Two Sides of Humor

Shakespeare is such a memorable persona of his time. Often, when thinking of the Renaissance period in England, he is the first person that is thought of. What makes his tragedies so mesmerizing? What made his comedies so entertaining? His play “Twelfth Night”, a romantic comedy, is one of his well-known writings. Its characters,Viola and her brother, Sebastian, are separated and think the other is dead after a shipwreck that landed them in Illyria, a fictional city in Italy. Viola decided that in order to return back home she needed to find a job, and started working as a page while dressing as a man. Sebastian, on the other hand, ends up being looked after by Antonio, a former pirate who would do anything for Sebastian. In the end, Viola and Sebastian find each other, and have a happy ending, each marrying along the way.
In his romantic comedy, Shakespeare used a variety of humor. I believe that using different types of humor, Shakespeare was able to appeal to people of all backgrounds. Whether rich or poor, educated or not, mature and posh or maybe not so much.
In the play, there is a subplot about Malvolio, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Maria. All of them live (and some work) in the mansion of Olivia, a countess who
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Dirty jokes and wordplay can be really funny to those with that sense of humor, while the use of dramatic irony, witty remarks or allegories can be amusing to those that enjoy that kind of entertainment. It’s hard to appeal to different senses of humor at the same time and in the same media, but Twelfth Night achieves that. A part of the success of the play can be credited to the diversity of jokes in the play. So, if you asked someone with an immature sense of humor, and a witty one, both would’ve said that the play was amusing and
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