Two Sides Of Racial Discrimination In The United States

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Do people discriminate others to hurt them or they do not realize what their actions are doing? Racial discrimination is when a person is treated less favorably than another person in a similar situation because of their race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin or immigrant status. One of the biggest discrimination in this country is racial discrimination towards Latinos and people of color. Racial discrimination has become a part of everyday life in America. We have to stop this hatred in our country because this country is based on freedom, peace, and home of immigrants. When we start naming and group each other , we might take as a joke, but we are racially discriminating one another race. A person offending or joking of an race does not try to know the person as a human being. They go off what they have heard or seen on television that 's why I believe the media has two sides. In this year 's election one of the…show more content…
Racial profiling has become everyday life now in the US. Racial discrimination has over passed limits in today 's society now we are teaching our children how to offend one another with racial slurs. What is not acceptable for our children to know how to offend one other. Not only parents teach the children, but now we see it with teachers. People should make a change of thinking of others. People believe the definition of what 's now America is the color white. A professor ones told me, "The first people living in this country were Native American and Mexican. When did America turn white?" Many people now are asking themselves the same questions. America is made by immigrants, we should respect, keep your comments to yourself , and move on. In an article of CNN they created a poll that states, " The percent of people who see racism as a big problem is higher among racial and ethnic minorities than it is among whites -- 66% of blacks and 64% of Hispanics call it a big problem, compared to 43% of whites." What is outraging this is
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