Two Sisters Two Americas Summary

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Two Sisters, Two Americas is a brilliant article by Brooke Ross that illustrates the life of a family with a mixed-status and what should be done about it. Many people agree that an illegal immigration reform is necessary however people can’t seem to agree on what needs to be done about it. The issue about the immigration reform has created many fights between democrats and Republicans and although both sides think something needs to be done they can’t agree on what to do. Although most people don’t seem to realize is that illegal immigrants are people like us who are trying to find safety and better opportunities. It is clear that illegal immigrants need some pathway to becoming a citizen. Mixed-status families are just families in which some of the family are legal U.S citizens or legal immigrants while others are illegal and would be deported. Families with a mixed-status live in fear everyday of being separated and deported back to countries that probably aren’t very…show more content…
“..Republican front-runner businessman Donald Trump, says he’ll undo Obama 's executive orders on immigration,” Article Two Sisters Two Americas by Brooke Ross states on page 11 in the New York Times Upfront April 4, 2016 edition. This has sparked outrage among people who know that most of the immigrants are good people who are trying to flee from violence that threatens to tear apart their lives. Brooke Ross helps people understand what life is like for families with a mixed-status and what we need to do about illegal immigration in her article Two Sisters Two Americas. By showing both sides of the big Democrat v Republican fight on what should be done about illegal immigration she lets people come to their own conclusions. The evidence however is firmly in favor of helping the immigrants by offering a path to
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