Two Themes Of Good And Evil By William Golding

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Good and evil: two concepts that have been argued, discussed, and fought over through generations. Two concepts that have been circling each other for eternity as they drive society forward through history. Ancient civilizations represented them as gods above or devils beneath the ground. Good and Evil are shown as order and chaos, opposites. Two authors portray their interpretation of good and evil through their work. William Golding describes his belief that evil is present in everyone’s heart by nature. In contrast, Khalil Gibran writes that people are primarily good, and evil, when displayed, is a function of good merely beaten and abused by fear. A person’s intent and motivation is most important when gauging the impact of someone’s actions. The act of doing something for oneself doesn’t make one evil. The school boys are trying to build shelter to live under; however, the Littluns aren’t focused on building. “‘They’re off bathing, or eating, or playing’” (Golding 50). This passage is an example of these kids doing something for themselves, possibly as a reliever of the stress being placed on them to survive on this jungle filled island. This shows that they are not evil, merely confused and unmotivated. Another passage that represents this is when Jack leaves Ralph’s group and says, “‘We’ll hunt. I’m going to be chief’” (Golding 133). This doesn’t make Jack evil for wanting more for himself; he did what he thought best for him and his followers. This is proven by
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