Creation Theory And Charles Darwin's Theories Of Creation

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There are two main theories on how humans and all living beings were created and how they evolved, one of them is the Evolution theory. The Evolution theory was created by Charles Darwin around the 18th century. Darwin’s thoughts were explained on a book called “On the Origin of Species”, the book was published in 1859. Charles Darwin’s ideas cause a lot of controversy to this day because they have been thought of as conflicting with religious views of the world, like how the world was created and all of the living beings in it. The basic idea of Darwin’s is that simple life forms have evolved into all kinds of different creatures like whales and cats. Those simple life forms were first developed more than 3 billion years ago.…show more content…
The Creation theory states that humans and the rest of the world was created by one or more supernatural beings or gods. There are different types of Creationism, Genesis, a book of the bible; Young Earth Creationism; the Omphalos Hypothesis and Old Earth Creationism. Genesis is a book of the bible. This theory explains that god created the world and first humans in seven days. Young earth creationism says that god created the earth only about 10,000 years ago. Young earth creationism completely opposes all scientific dating of the world, one of them is radiometric dating. The type of creationism that states that god created earth and all living beings inside of it in its current form is called the Omphalos hypothesis. This hypothesis states that scientific data and evidence that has been used to date the earth is unreliable. An example of evidence like this would be growth rings on trees. People who believe this hypothesis think that evidence of earth ageing like the growth rings on trees have been places by god when he created the earth. Old earth creationism states that god created the universe. This type of creationism accepts scientific dating of the world but but does not believe the theory of evolution. There are three types of old earth creationism, day age, gap, and progressive creationism. Each of them have different views on the process of creating our world, but all of them accept…show more content…
Both evolution and creation theories have completely have completely different ideas but they are based on the same topic, which is how our world and living beings in it were created and how they evolved. Both of the two theories are equally believable to this day, even though earlier in time there was much more information on the creation theory because science and technology were not very developed yet. Both of the theories al backed up with a ton of information right now, so it is much more easier for people to decide what they want to

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