Two Types Of Career Path

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Types Of Career Path 2.0. Career Path Career paths are routes that individuals take from their first foray into the job market through to their final position before retirement. Generally speaking career paths start with the most junior position and end with the most senior position – this isn’t always the case but is likely the intention of the individual. It’s important to start thinking of career paths early as the choices made early on in a career can influence the opportunities available in the future. A career path describes a progressive series of steps that a company offers an employee to advance in his career. These steps may allow him to assume any position within his capabilities, in the organisation. There are many factors that influence a career path. Among these are the employees themselves, the organisation, labour unions and the characteristics of the labour market. There are two types of career path that will determine who may be best qualified to fill the vacancy. 2.1. Traditional Career Path This career path emphasizes movement from the bottom up within the hierarchy of the organization. It is also known as promotion activity. This is because every movement is to higher level position than the one presently held by an employee in question. Therefore, employees are inclined to view this as a reward because a better position comes with a greater pay. This situation leads to competition among employees if they want to succeed in the structure of the

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