Extreme Poverty In South Africa

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Poverty: the state or condition where a person is unable to satisfy their most basic human needs such as water, shelter and food due to lack to money, there are two types of poverty: Extreme poverty and moderate poverty. Extreme poverty is when people cannot obtain adequate resourced to support the minimum level of physical health.
Some reasons for poverty include:
• Poor education
• High levels of unemployment in a country
• Low level of skills
• Lack of access to services
• Family history
• Born into a poor environment
People living below the poverty line are required to get government assistance, poverty rates have however decreased because of an increase in social grants.

Types of Poverty:
• Absolute Poverty o The chronic lack of basic food, water, health and housing. People living in absolute poverty tend to struggle to live and experience more child deaths from preventable diseases like malaria, cholera and water contamination. This is a long-term type of poverty and often handed down from generations before them.
• Relative Poverty o This type of poverty relates
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[Jenna Etheridge, News24] The lack of rain in the country has resulted in the country being unable to grow crops. According to [Senzeni Zokwana; the minister of agriculture] the average maize yield has been the lowest since 2008 this has also resulted in failure for South Africa to export maize to neighboring countries Botswana and Swaziland. The drought currently occurring will lead to the government forcibly increasing the price of goods locally to help sustain their standard of living, it has been announced by Zokwana that if the drought persists, this could become a regional

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