Two Way To Belong In America Analysis

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Diverse worlds can connect in similar ways. Different cultures can be considered their own diverse worlds when compared to others. The way people with different cultures are taught, along with their cultural background, affects their viewpoints of the world. While everyone lives in the same world, in a way they live in their own world, depending on their culture and ethnicity. The comparison of different cultures shows how they are similar yet different in their own ways.

The story of “An Indian Father’s Plea” by Robert Lake is an essay. The story is of a father whose child is labeled as a “slow learner” by a white teacher. The father was writing a letter explaining to the teacher that he isn't slow, and he has quite an education compared to his western peers. As he stated in paragraph 9, page 77 “I realize he may be slow in grasping methods and tools that you're using
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In "Two Way to Belong in America", a personal essay by Bharati Mukherjee, she talks about the cultural differences between her and her sister, Mira. Throughout the essay, Baharati explains their thoughts and opinions when they first started living in America; describing their similarities and differences. Although both sisters shared many similar values they found themselves on different sides when it came to debating over immigration and citizenship. Bharati who accepted the American culture was proud to be a citizen in the US and also married an American man. Mira on the other hand, thought very differently about it and we can see this when she says, “I’ll become a U.S citizen for now, then change back to Indian when I’m ready to go home. I feel some kind of irrational attachment to India that I don’t to America.” (Mukerjee). This comes to show that Mira embraces more of her Indian culture since she feels a strong connection of her birthplace and
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