Two Ways To Belong In America Bharati Analysis

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No one is the same and everyone has a completely different culture, even if you come from a strongly followed culture family. Not everyone has experienced the same things as other people have, so judging people on the first impression isn't really a good thing to do. For example, everyone thinks that all Muslims are terrorists but in reality, they really aren't. One's culture informs the way one views others and the world by an enormous amount because everyone has different culture opinions and experiences different situations. In Bharati’s Personal essay, “Two ways to Belong in America,” the author says that her sister and herself were always arguing and unacknowledged adversaries. The two sisters never really liked to talk and act like sisters. All this changes the moment they both moved to America. After all their arguing and messing around, they are now more than ever, sisters. All their different experiences bring them that much closer now. “I am an American and she is not”(Mukherjee). The author is trying to tell the reader that they aren't alike but they will always be sisters no matter what.…show more content…
Every piece of this quilt represented pieces that may have been important in her life. For example, “Oh how you stretched and turned and rearranged, your Michigan spring faded curtain pieces, my father’s Santa Fe work shirt, the summer denims, the tweeds of fall” (Palomo). This explains that Teresa will remember where every single piece of the quilts came from and how they trace back to it being important to her. To add on, everyone will have a different way of expressing their culture and explaining it to others. To Teresa those pieces of the quilts reminded her of her home, how she grew up with them and it explained her culture and the stories behind
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