Two Ways To Belong In America Essay

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Have you ever thought of how people view you as a person? Most of the time people may be able to identify your personal background(s) based on how you appear. Sometimes, this can shift their opinion of you. Others may consider that one’s culture shifts they way they view others and the world. I think culture does not affect the way one views the world and others. In fact, I believe culture changes the way others and the world views you because there will forever be stereotypes that make people form certain conclusions about you, which is illustrated in some stories I have read in class. I believe stereotypes will shape the way others think of you. An example of this is presented in a personal essay called “Two ways to belong in America”. On paragraph 6 it says “I was opting for fluidity,…show more content…
In this story the main characters; Premila and Santha face discrimination and other challenges brought to them by classmates and even teachers at their new school. In paragraphs 36-38 the author is explaining to her mother that their new teacher made her “sit in the back of the room with other Indians with a desk between each one” during a test because “Indians cheat”. Their teacher knew Premila and Santha were Indians and she chose to negatively stereotype them along with other students by treating them different. This shows that their Indian culture led the teacher to think something of them that probably wasn 't true. One final piece of evidence can be shared through a novel expert called “Two kinds” In paragraph 14 it says “I hated the tests, the raised hoped and false expectations”. In this paragraph the author is trying to say that her mothers expectations led her to be unhappy. Her mother, being chinese, is stereotyped for expecting her to do good in school but the author didn 't do so. This created tension between them. Yet again this is an example of how culture affects the way others view you as a
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