Two Week Exercise Plan

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For this assignment, I will develop a two- week personal exercise plan. I will incorporate the FITT principle, which also stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type into my two-week fitness plan. Frequency involves how often I would do physical activity. Intensity is how hard I work out during my physical activity. Timing is the length, or how long I plan to work out, and the last T in FITT stands for the type of exercise I want to do, such as cardio, or strength training. I incorporated FITT into my two-week personal exercise program because I want to monitor what activities I am actually doing and track my progress. For my two-week plan, I decided to remain steady and consistent on my physical activity plan on Tuesdays and Thursday, and…show more content…
The Zumba class I will go to every Tuesday and Thursday could greatly improve the anxiety I often times experience during the week. Running a mile three times a week might be very challenging at first, but just like any skill the more I work at it the easier it will become. This discussion involves the last stage of Trantheoretical Model of change, termination. If I execute this exercise plan accurately, which I plan to do, I must have motivation and determination to not terminate or return back to my previous routine of minimum exercise during the week. I start out by only do a few weight machines exercises in the Payne, but as I gain more muscles in my legs I can have the strength to do more in a longer time. This goal I aspire to reach requires patience and maintaining a positive attitude even when I do not feel like exercising. Having friends that hold me accountable will help me not revert back to previous routines. Overall, regular exercise improves health and wellbeing, relieves stress, creates a healthy balance between studying classes, and helps an individual adjust to college
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