Two Wheelers Case Study

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The Indian two wheeler s industry has grown from meager 900 vehicle in 1950 to staggering figure over one million vehicles in 1988, with petrol costing eight times as much as decade ago, many persons now a days afford to maintain a car .The opinion is to own two wheeler for public transportation system but the service offered by public transportation is different in various cities, by and large had deteriorated and thus co valence and independent in traveling short distance it is also a status symbol of the middle class people are urban and semi-urban region. Beyond 1950’s the motorcycle were manufactured in our country itself by using simple technology low engine capacity etc..…show more content…
All Honda Two Wheelers warranted for a period of 12 years or 30000kms from the date of purchase, whichever is earlier .this is 1st April 2001 b. It is mandatory for the customer to avail all free and paid service as pre the recommended schedule to be eligible for the warranty benefits. The customer has to ensure that each paid service is availed within 60 days from the date of previous service or as per the recommended schedule. c. If the defect is observed in any Honda Two Wheelers, Honda’s only obligation / liability is to repair or replace those part which is/are considered to be the cause of malfunction free of charge. d. Charge both labour and material, when Honda acknowledges that such malfunction has not come out of misuse or improper handling etc. Such defective motorcycle should be brought to the nearest Honda dealer / authorized service center by the owner of necessary inspection & subsequent

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