Two Women La Ciociara Analysis

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Two Women(La Ciociara): Analysis of the Feminine Presence of War

War. The brutalities of war bring to every man woman and child an element of terror. War. It forces the human being into a method of survival. War. It brings harsh consequences to others, due to one 's own need to benefit oneself. Among war, it’s harsh penalties, it’s history, and its reality; women face specific consequence of life within war.The novel, Two Women( La Ciociara) by Alberto Moravia examines the effects of war on a women’s lifestyle-particularly two women Cesica and Rosetta- through examination of the these women on an instinctual and survival-esk level, the presence of rape culture and depravation of morals within their own lives.
The novel; Two Women(La Ciociara); displays the presence of both a strong female character and a strong male character. It is the juxtaposition of these two characters that shows the reality of this fiction tale: that woman in the process and aftermath of war face a particular level of oppression and are in fear of a particular level of terrorism. This level of oppression in terror is in part due to the culture of war and the socialization of the oppressors- the men in war. The effects of this on women are rape, violence, need for food, shelter, etc. In Savage Content states “ Rape has always been associated with warfare in general. The more brutal the war, the more likely to involve the rape of enemy women.” (Lowe, 51). It is not to say that every man in war
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