Two Worlds Collide: Social Life Vs. Academics

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Two Worlds Collide: Social Life versus Academics Hundreds of students around the world think every day, “Why do I need to go to a school or a university? I am better off without it; I already have what it takes to be in the Job World. Should I start working on my dream rather than staying back in a university? There are so many doubts, questions and disappointments. The answer to all these questions lies in the need to develop yourself and to know yourself better. This is important to grow your interests and personality so that you can make the right decisions in your life and purse the right career. Schools and universities help to mature a person socially and mentally. Everyone needs to balance between theses two important aspects of their life in order to learn and to be successful. One way is by going to classes, learning from professors, passing your tests and getting a job. On the other side meeting new people and knowing how the world work outside academics can teach social skills that are also important in the job world. Which one is more effective? Every single moment of life a person is learning something new and the way that information is passed on to them is most important. Academically, a person will be clear and more organized with what they want to pursue in their life. Students should value their academic life more than their social life because it is essential to enter the job world, their time in the student world doesn’t last forever, and ultimately,

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